Oregon Lightweight VersaCut™ Guide Bar, 0VXLGK216 - .325" Pitch / .050" Gauge

Length: 16" (66 Drive Links)
Sale price$41.99

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Customer Reviews

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nathan santaw

Oregon Lightweight VersaCut™ Guide Bar, 0VXLGK216 - .325" Pitch / .050" Gauge

NothIng but AMAZING

Originally, my saw came with the Versacut 18"...and what an amazing combo that SAW SUPPLIERS set me up with. Especially, when no one else could get them...and CERTAINLY none others were even close on pricing!
Now, I chose to go 16", after a "friend" misused my set up, and destroyed the bar and chain. The info that he provided me to replace what he had boogered up, was ALSO bad. Much like his saw handling, as a supposesd veteran to construction, wood cutting etc. Saw suppliers corrected the erroneous info, noticing that the products didn't match my gear! They corrected the order, notified me, and quickly shipped the amazing replacement/correct combo. Now the saw is even greater to handle and swing through my wood projects! A real powerful race car. Great products and proven winners to my needs. I will never be a person that misuses equipment...nor will I EVER loan my valuable equipment (tho I wanted to show it off a bit) to ANY others! Not only did I learn that lesson, I added to the professional opinion of whom the consumate pros are, that have been nothing shy of EXPERTS, from SAW SUPPLIERS!

Adam Simmons

Everything works as it should and showed up before I thought it would. Cutting dead hard locust, hit the chain one time with file, and off again singin her tune.

Jason McNeil
Great choice

I bought the Oregon Lightweight VersaCut bar and 20LGX full chisel chain with my new Echo CS501P. I chose an 18" bar for the balance and because I didn't want to over-bar a 50cc saw. It's a PERFECT combo. I've only burned through the first tank while starting the break in and tuning, but I couldn't be happier with my choice in saw and bar/chain. It's a fantastic little saw that weighs 14lbs on the nose with that bar and chain, and full fuel and oil. I've stayed in clean wood and haven't sharpened the chain yet, but right out of the bag it was strong cutting chain

Keith Spry
Echo cd-4910 Oregon bar and chain

works like it suppose to cuts through wood as quick and good as ever......... a cutting machine


Quick Details

Bar Type: Oregon VersaCut

Chain Pitch: .325"

Tail Mount: K216

WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals including Nickel, which is known to the State of California to cause cancer. For more information go to www.P65Warnings.ca.gov

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