Echo CS-620P Professional Chain Saw

Bar & Chain Option: Powerhead Only - No Bar or Chain Included
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Jim Piaszynski
Top notch

I learned to trust Echo because a blower and string trimmer just wont quit. The saw is no different. I've not had it long, but after 8 tanks of gas through it I can say that I'm happy with the purchase. The saw is strong and starts easily. And Saw Suppliers are the best, took care of me very well.

Pro Saw

I bought this saw to replace a Stihl 93cc O56 mag that was getting too heavy and and hard to start with out a compression release. I cut mostly 12x12 hardwood timbers to different lengths and the Echo 620 P works great with plenty of power and is very well made. The saw is easy to start and should last a long time. SawSuppliers has great pricing and fantastic customer support. I will definitely be buying more equipment from them.

Echo cs-620 great saw.

Great service, great saw. The only negative was the full chisel chain supplied with the 28" bar I needed seems a little too aggressive for the saw. It still works fine if you just let it cut at it's own speed. If you try to press it, it will bog the saw. That said, I still haven't run a full tank of fuel through it yet so the saw is not broken in yet. It may improve a little after a few tanks go through it. I would definitely buy it again. Starts easy and isn't too heavy. Just what I needed.

Fantastic Saw, Great Service

Much has already been said about this saw so I will not endeavor to detail its technical attributes. I did, however, want to take a moment and simply say that this saw exceeded my expectations and needs – very satisfied with this purchase and with SawSuppliers.

I have had the saw for less than two weeks but had the opportunity to really give it a run right out of the box by cutting into a 150-year old oak that fell on our farm. The main trunk is absolutely massive and the secondary trunks are approximately 23” in diameter. With a 24” full-chisel, full house chain this saw has absolutely no trouble and made the work an absolute pleasure. I was cutting with a grin on my face the entire time.

Greg Solberg
Echo CS-620P makes lumber

I had been using an Echo CS-440 with a 24" bar in my Alaskan saw mill. For a 7 foot long cut and up to 19" wide, it was taking me 2 tanks of gas or more to complete a cut. After getting the Echo CS-620P with the 27" bar, I put it to work on more of the same logs. What a difference! With a sharp chain, I was making 2 cuts 7 foot long on one tank of gas and not having to run at full speed. It would be nice to be able to lock the throttle so I could use both hands to "steer", but then it wasn't taking nearly as long, so I was able to catch a break after each cut.
I had been looking at Stihl and Husqvarna before running across this machine. The Echo CS-620P was a lot less for roughly the same power. Calling it a professional saw is a fitting label.


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