Echo CS-620P Professional Chain Saw

Bar & Chain Option: Powerhead Only - No Bar or Chain Included
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Adam Breth
Amazing chainsaw and GREAT Company/Customer Service!!

After nearly a year of research and pondering I finally pulled the trigger on a new Echo 620p to replace my father's old Jonsereds 621 (what an amazing saw by the way, still going strong and will remain as a backup for nostalgic reasons). Anyways, I finally got to try out the Echo and all I can say is WOW!! For the price point, CC's and warranty this thing cannot be beat. I went with the 24" bar and it has eaten up everything I have tried it on with complete ease (white and red oak, red elm, green ash and ironwood). For those out there looking for a saw in this CC range you will not find anything better in my opinion. Lastly, I wanted to give a huge kudos to Jess who provided me with the Echo spring 15% off code, upgrading the stock chain with an Oregon chain but still including the stock Echo chain and throwing in a bottle of Red Armor oil. Plus, a hand written thank you note for the purchase! If you are in need of anything related to cutting wood Sawsuppliers cannot be beat!!

Ex husky fan

5 tanks of gas thru the saw so far. The saw runs great has good power and starts great. Great service from saw suppliers. I know where I will buy my next saw.

Warren Bills
Amazing saw at a great price.

I had several big oaks down in the last wind storm and this saw zipped right through them with no issue. One of them was 30" at the base and the 24" bar did a great job with just one pass. I'm glad I watched reviews between the the major top brands in this price range and picked the Echo because it came out on top in the reviews and it lives up to the test. I'll be buying another small saw in a Echo in the near future.

walker james

The CS620P is a wood-cutting machine and a half! I just received mine and put it to work straight away. The included bottle of Red Armour 2-cycle oil helped out there. The Oregon EXL chain that Saw Suppliers included makes a huge difference. I now know what chain I'll be running in the future, and where to go to get them! Thank you Saw Suppliers!

Great saw and great service

This saw rips and is an excellent value. I've used Stihls mainly before trying this 60cc saw from Echo, having had good luck with the Echo pole saw (although the pole saw took a few runs to really open up). The 620 felt great on day one. Saw Suppliers really do a great job as well. I usually buy from a local shop but this saw wasn't in stock anywhere near me so I ordered from here for the first time. I'll go out of my way to order from these guys again.


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