Echo CS-620PW Professional Chain Saw (Wrap Handle Version)

Bar & Chain Option: Powerhead Only - No Bar or Chain Included
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So far with the limited cutting I have done with saw, the saw preforms awesome. This saw wants to cut wood.

Great saw, better customer service

Thanks to Jess for all of her help. Went out of the way to help me with the purchase of this saw. Went well above and beyond. If you're looking for one of these saws, you want to buy it from them. Would recommend to anyone and will buy from them again.

The 620PW and my encounter with Jess

I've only been able to use the saw twice, but it seems to be everything I'd read and everything I'd hoped it would be and I've only run two tanks of fuel through it. So, the bulk of this review is aimed at recognizing Jess at Saw Suppliers.

I am on an island with no Echo dealer anywhere near me, so I was going to have to order from a Home Depot on the mainland, a store I have never entered. I had read very different things in discussion forums about whether the case Echo makes would accommodate the 620PW. I contacted Home Depot and they claimed they had contacted Echo for me, saying it would indeed fit, but, they added, if it did not, I had 90 days to return it! As a result of a search to find a real answer, I saw the address for Saw Suppliers pop up, so I wrote an inquiry to them. Jess contacted me the next day, saying this was a pet peeve of his, that he had repeatedly contacted Echo to make a case that fit the saw and definitively told me it did not fit. I think we bonded immediately over that frustration! I was impressed enough with that response that I sent a follow up. He wrote a very lengthy reply, chock full of details about the saw, bars and chains, ending with "I hope I haven't talked too long." He said they could get the saw to me as quickly as Home Depot and with a discount. I was so impressed with him, and so glad not to have to rely on Home Depot, that I decided to order from him. He went on to recommend the VersaCut bar and added the adapter for the 24" for free. I said I wanted to purchase a second chain and he said they supplied a second chain for free, noting also that he upgraded the chain from the one supplied by Echo. The second chain proved to an upgrade of that upgraded chain! I wanted to purchase the scabbard for the bar, as Home Depot had said it was not included. He said they supplied that also! I said I wanted to order from them, so he wrote an invoice with a discount and asked for my t-shirt size and the size can I mixed fuel in so he could add two more free bonuses. The saw arrived a day before either Home Depot or Jess said they could get it to me. The only regret I had was that there was not a 2 gallon gas can. I guess he forgot. I was hoping it had the Saw Suppliers logo on it! The t-shirt was an Echo, but I'd been hoping it would be a Saw Suppliers shirt! And aside from Carhart, I will not wear a logo, but I'd have worn there's with pride!

As the number of our exchanges grew, I was ever more impressed with Jess and how he did business. He treated me as if I lived around the corner from the shop while, though my mother's family still lives in Wisconsin, I am in the Pacific NW. This is precisely the kind of business and the kind of person with which and with whom probably all of us would prefer to do business. As many businesses like this seem to have folded during the plannedemic, it proved to be not just a much better transaction to deal with Saw Suppliers, but I also felt like I was back in the 60's or 70's, when business was personal and big box stores did not exist. It also made me wonder if I'd erred in leaving the Midwest, Michigan specifically, in 1978. That is how much I was impressed by Jess. And he writes mammoth emails like me.....and then apologizes, like me!

But I'm not apologizing for the length of this. If you are in the market for a saw, you should look no further than Saw Suppliers and Jess. If you've always used Stihl (like me) or Husquavarna: wake up! I have the Echo 3020T weed eater and have used it for six or eight years. It ALWAYS starts with two pulls and a burp, then one or two more with the choke off. So far, this saw has been exactly the same. I did way too much (!) research on saws for this. The smallest Stihl dealer in the nation is now on our island, and I was "this close" to buying there, but I was totally unexcited about the Stihl I was going to get. The more I looked into the matter, the more I liked the Echos. I was set to get the 590 Timber Wolf, but I saw so many guys modding it with the ignition, carburetor, and muffler from the 620, that I decided to move up. Remembering the 3020T, I looked at Echo and that led me to Jess and Saw Suppliers. As Jess noted that the 620 was their best selling saw, I guess many have decided as I did. The saw has power to spare and glided through 18" of Douglas fir like the proverbial knife through butter and started with ease every time, warm or cold.

I could not recommend Saw Suppliers, and Jess in particular, any more highly than I am here.

Roy Barnette
Echos are AWESOME!

The Echo cs620pw did not disappoint! Awesome saw, great company, and a lifetime of service.

Mark A
Excellent Saw

For use at 6,500ft in elevation. Worked very well right out of the box, no carb adjustment needed. I went with a 24-inch blade as I have an Echo 800P with a longer blade for larger trees.
Purchased this to replace an out-going Echo Timber-Wolf of 12-years - which is still running strong, but I didn’t want to run to failure.
I like the wrap handle for working on one side of a tree where access is limited. I’m removing a lot of bug-kill trees, and use a plunge cut to get the hinge before severing the holding wood. Saw works well for this.
Used on soft wood trees - I don’t have many hardwoods - although I’ve used the Timber-Wolfe on downfall Oaks without issue.
A nice, light-in-weight saw that packs a good punch.
Used with 91oct fuel because of altitude.
Very happy with the saw, would buy again.


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