OREGON 72EXL Saw Chain (.050 Gauge - 3/8 Pitch - Full Chisel / Standard Sequence)

Drive Link Count: 60 DL


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Daniel Fisher

Best prices, great service. Buy from these guys if you need saw supplies.

Lynn Cavanaugh
Great products

Not only do they have great products, but their prices and service is unbeatable.

Michael Moody
OREGON 72EXL Saw Chain

These are a full chisel chain with the benefit of having an indexing link for sharpening purposes. These things cut like mad, but dull down a little quicker than a stock safety chain. A couple of swipes with a file every tank of fuel and you will be back to throwing chips like a scalded beaver.

Great looking Chain, If you you a redneck entering the Safety Sam 21st century, get a file guide.

This is the newer style but same profile as factory chain on my Echo 590. Great looking chain, sharp and well oiled. It's still a LoPro chain, and sincerely probably safer. However, the combination of the taper and the shortness of the teeth could really cause you problems if you free hand. You'll end up down into the drive link towards the end of the chain. I think using a guide and it will be fine, and you'll get the max life from the chain. Sincerely, and SawSuppliers was great, fast shipping, great price, and zero hassle. From my saw choice you can tell I am not a pro, but I was when I was young. Get a guide, no shame in it, don't gnaw on the drive links.

Brandon Harrah

OREGON 72EXL Saw Chain (.050 Gauge - 3/8 Pitch - Full Chisel / Standard Sequence)

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