Echo CS-501P Professional Chain Saw

Bar & Chain Option: Powerhead Only - No Bar or Chain Included
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Dan Baker
Great little saw from a great supplier.

We needed a saw bigger than the 355t but lighter weight than the 590 to saw bigger wood in the canopy of the tree. Our guys love the 501p we bought. This saw was the first order I have ever placed with They had some kind of inventory mishap and my shipment was delayed for about a week. When the package arrived I found a hand written note in the box apologizing for the delay along with a couple free gifts. I have to say in a world where most businesses are completely unapologetic about their poor customer service Sawsuppliers gesture of the note and gifts was a breath of fresh air. Because they showed me they do care about delivering good service I placed another order with them and I will continue to do so.

Michael Metz
Mighty Mouse

So far I have only used the saw to fell and buck a locust tree which it did in fine fashion. The saw has a lot of torque and runs incredibly well. I have had problems with the captured bar nuts and the retaining clips. When tightening the nuts the wire holding them tends to come off of the nut and will not allow for the bar to be tightened. I may end up removing the retaining wires and go without them. I would have given the saw 5 stars but the problem of the bar nuts. Great customer service at sawsuppliers, they shipped the saw within a couple of days from my order and when i received it they had included a pro chain for the saw and three bottles of fuel mixture. Thank you Jess!

Echo 501p rips

I carve with my saws and weight is a factor so I got the 501p as it's the lightest 50cc saw and I could get a lightweight bar with it. I love it so far. It made quick work of some stumps and logs I had. I like the power to weight ratio, it's easy to start, and comfortable to run. I got some bonuses with my order too. I highly recommend this saw from SawSuppliers.

This is the place to buy an Echo

A+ transaction and it’s a great saw. I really appreciate the extra swag sent along as well. It’s not every day you get a hand-written note thanking you for your purchase.

John B
Great Service

I bought from because of the great reviews and was not disappointed! A+


Quick Details

Sharpen With: 3/16" Round File

Chain Pitch: .325"

Bar Tail Mount: K216

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