Echo CS-680P Professional Chain Saw Powerhead Only



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Old Trusty

So a while ago I realized I needed a chainsaw, enough chainsaw to run a 24in bar reliably. This is my first big gas saw, I didn't want to fuss with it to make it run, I didn't want to spend a ton for a saw that was going to sit (and need to run reliably when I needed it!) - and I didn't want a "homeowner saw" made to those specs even if the brand was one everyone heard of.

I ended up with the CS-680, with its manual oiler, and old style features. It's a tank, and I friggin love it.

If you're looking at this price thinking, "damn that's competitive, is there a catch??" Nope! It came with everything I ordered, it shipped fast, everything went fine. Fired up without a ton of fuss the first time.

If you want this newly built "old style chainsaw", The Last of the Mohicans, supposedly Echo is going to stop making them - NOW is your time!

scott clemon
Echo 680

Very happy with service. Will buy again.


Old school tough. Saw will out oil anything on the market. Killer low end torque. A saw you can count on year after year.

Long time owner

Have owned my 680 for many many years and it has never let me down. Never a single issue. The saw is an absolute tank. Built tough and solid, oils like crazy and even has an override manual Oiler for the extra long dry cuts when U need it! This saw has cut hundreds and possibly even thousands of cords of wood! I always bring it with me no matter what, because i know I will always have a saw that will be there when I need it. Sad to see them go

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