Echo CS-680P Professional Chain Saw

Bar & Chain Option: Powerhead Only - No Bar or Chain Included
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Gary McMullin
The saw to have.

I have yet to put this saw into wood. I did dismantle it a fair amount to inspect and found the design and build features to be top notch, it is precise and rugged, I suspect this will prove to be one extremely durable and dependable saw. I have heat cycled it a few times with no bar mounted, it pumps oil exceedingly well, has a good oil flow adjustment feature. The running saw impresses me as having loads of torque and the throttle response is zippy. I worked around the low and high needle limiters and adjusted for proper mixture at my site. The saw was initially a no start. I read about that on another comment somewhere. I got the ball rolling with a dribble of fuel direct into the carburetor throat. A few stumbling starts resulted after that priming, then came a solid throttle response. I have a lot of saws dating back to the 1970's and I restore vintage saws. I was moved to buy this saw because i wanted a fresh, new saw in the near 70cc class and more importantly the cs680 has the same tried and proven design features you will find on the most successful saws of the past, clear back into the 70's. No computer crap, a valuable manual oiling overide, simple straight forward design layout and so very easy to operate and work on. This saw is a case of success in the keep it simple concept.
I must also say that this Saw Suppliers outfit is the place to be for all your power saw needs, loads of supplies and saw stuff with timely shipping, fabulous customer service and prices that are as competitive as you'll find.

Angel Santiago
Amazing customer service

I recently purchased an Echo CS-680p chainsaw and I’m extremely happy with the product. What made the experience even better was Saw Suppliers sending an extra chain, some oil, and a personal note with my order. I know it may not seem like a lot to some people but I appreciated it very much. I’ll definitely be ordering from them again in the future

James Mitchell
Echo CS 680P

This saw has performed flawlessly so far. A work horse for sure. I also ordered the 3 bar package with this saw and am glad I did, such a great value. Great company to deal with.

Christopher Smith
Echo CS 680 P

Saw has great power already and have only gone through 1 tank of fuel.
Was ordered on a Sunday AM and delivered to me doorTuesday 2 days later a 10 AM. There is nothing more that needs to be said, that is awesome.
I am just a home owner with 10 acres and 500 trees.

Old Trusty

So a while ago I realized I needed a chainsaw, enough chainsaw to run a 24in bar reliably. This is my first big gas saw, I didn't want to fuss with it to make it run, I didn't want to spend a ton for a saw that was going to sit (and need to run reliably when I needed it!) - and I didn't want a "homeowner saw" made to those specs even if the brand was one everyone heard of.

I ended up with the CS-680, with its manual oiler, and old style features. It's a tank, and I friggin love it.

If you're looking at this price thinking, "damn that's competitive, is there a catch??" Nope! It came with everything I ordered, it shipped fast, everything went fine. Fired up without a ton of fuss the first time.

If you want this newly built "old style chainsaw", The Last of the Mohicans, supposedly Echo is going to stop making them - NOW is your time!


Quick Details

Sharpen With: 7/32" Round File

Chain Pitch: 3/8"

Bar Tail Mount: D176

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