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Michael Coleman

I Opened The Box!

Michael Manzo
Echo cs 4910

A great little saw at half the price of a stihl ms 261. Sawsuppliers is the best deal around.

william owens
Great saw

Seems to have plenty of power for a mid size saw. Can tell more this winter when I cut my firewood. Sawsuppliers are great to deal with, thanks for all your help, WilliamO

What a machine! Leave the rest and get to WORK! want a pro machine around the farm/property? Well, I can assure you that this will not only meet your needs, THIS saw can get you through all tasks...and help a buddy with a crew, for the day!
On the 18" Versa cut bar and a matched chain, I ate through 24" material, like nothing. No slowing and stalling this animal!
As well, I was kicking out scalpel work, with precision and ease. Precleaning EVERYTHING, or knocking down the umbrella, to get some sun to the ground! If you have a pile of weather brush/left over clearing material, fly thru it ALL with barely any effort, and spruce up those projects that clutter up the castle!
Id bet a 16" bar on this, would give you a SPRINTER, that could outrun ANYTHING in its class. Light, nimble and a sewing machine that giggles at any plunge, or stacks that need to be broken down! I've seen the numbers on mods and ports that bring this well to do beast, into a monster. DOES THE HEAVY LIFTING, and keeps the arms fresh and nimble, all day!
Just buy it! Stop playing with saws from box stores, that leave you wondering what a PRO MACHINE REALLY MEANS! NOTHING I have ran, comes close in price, power and quality...and NO BETTER place to buy, over While no one else had/could get, they not only got me one asap, they stayed in touch, with a level of professionalism, that I'd only expect from a HIGH END JEWELER...not a bunch of saw heads, with bear hands! And, the lovely woman that helped me, was not the usual TREE DROPPER, with rough stares and bragging ego! She knew a ton, was helpful in every performance detail, and went the extra mile in customer service! SAW SUPPLIERS ARE MY NEW GO TO FOR ALL THAT IS SAW!

R Scott Tollefsen
Very Happy with Service and Saw

I did a lot of research online and decided on the Echo CS-4910 based on reviews, weight, and having owned many echo products that have all been outstanding. I waited to do this review because I wanted to give the saw a good workout. Needless to say the saw is awesome. I cut down 4 drees that were 24" to nearly 36" across at the base. The saw has plenty of power, starts easy, is lightweight and is designed very well. I ordered the case as well and it to is very well designed and durable. Very happy with my purchase and would highly recommend this saw.

While the saw is everything I wanted and more I have to say the service I received from Saw Suppliers was absolutely top notch. I had many choices online to chose from and while all the prices are similar their price seemed to be just a little better. I had some questions before ordering so I picked up the phone to call hoping to actually talk to a person rather than being placed on hold as so often happens. When I called I got an answering machine saying they were with a customer but would be happy to call back. I was not sure how long that would be as generally it is hours later if at all so I did not leave a message and went in search of the next possible company to answer my questions.... Before I could find one my phone rang and Jess from Saw Suppliers said "I saw you just called and I was wondering how I could help you?" I was shocked !!! She not only answered every single question but she questioned me to make sure the saw would be the right one for my application and helped me with the accessories I wanted as well including bar length, case, etc. I was truly impressed with such great customer service and her knowledge of the saws, and to top it off when I received my saw a few days later there was a very nice hand written note thanking me for my business. Not only would I recommend this saw but I would highly recommend doing business with Saw Suppliers and I want to say thank you for such great service.

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